• Image of Seven Tee- Sand Red
  • Image of Seven Tee- Sand Red

It has been seven years (July 29, 2009) since I have had an alcoholic beverage. I'm not an AA person nor did I say I would never drink again. I still hang out with folks who enjoy to party party but I don't judge, to each his/her own. I strongly believe that there is a time/place for everything and I chose the sober path during this stage of my life.

Beer has evolved over the past seven years, a whole new animal has been born with the mainstream rise of "Craft" brewing. As a non drinker, I cannot fully understand all the hype yet I am clearly aware of this shift in popularity. The last beer that I drank was "the Champagne of Beers" so this simple design is a tribute to the beers/times that I remembered and enjoyed. Cheers to the future!

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Water-based Ink.

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